About us

Blackjackonline.webeden.co.uk is the brainchild of a team of gambling enthusiasts with deep appreciation and knowledge of gaming. Our small group has eclectic roots; a few of us were directly involved with running businesses in the field, while others are avid gamers with track records in tournaments across the United States and U.K. We pride ourselves on the synergistic nature of our team; we all bring something a bit different to the table that helps us be an excellent whole. Among us,we boast professional level knowledge of the ins and outs of the most popular and lucrative games. We gathered to formally turn our eye to the latest renaissance in gambling culture; the explosive growth of online gaming websites.


After forming and basing ourselves in London, it was all about the games. We spent months boiling down the rules and statistics for optimal play, learning things from one another and seeking out the best city spots for a perfect gambler’s night out. Sharing tips and expertise, we found much success from our casual casino-dives. As new theories began to form, we developed a home-gaming ‘lab’, playing with each other and making use of gaming-grade equipment to further inform our excursions. This may sound dry and intense, but there are no limits at the intersection of passion and big winnings! In our line of work, it was inevitable that we’d notice a change to the formula. Gaming wasn’t just a night in at cards or a visit to a casino anymore; a scene was growing on the internet, fast.


Over the last decade online gaming has gone from a convenient alternative to a visit to your favorite casino to a professional-level powerhouse that can provide savvy gamblers with as big a payoff as a brick and mortar establishment. We gave it a shot ourselves, applying the same principles and skills we’d picked up through our experience in the industry. After some testing, it became clear that while the games themselves could be faithfully reproduced, there was also a whole new world of options and considerations to be measured. Every e-casino we visited had different bonuses, payout percentages, and gaming software. Some didn’t accept many forms of payment, while others were a muddled mess of computer code. There were also real gems. We found some sites gave us great perks, including huge welcome bonuses the likes of which we’ve never seen at physical gambling institutions.


It didn’t take us long to come to a conclusion. E-gambling was everything it was cracked up to be, but it needed a guide. A way for those looking for the best place to start pursuing excitement and fortune through e-casinos without sticking their necks out to try websites at random. We would not just be experts, but researchers. Our team, not one to do anything halfway, wanted more than to ensure a website was trustworthy. As lovers of gaming, we knew that each of our recommendations had to be able to transmit not just the rules, but the feel and exhilaration that comes with a good game of chance and skill. Of course, it we’d also make it a top priority to make sure the sites we recommended would get you the proper payout after a win. Our picks are intended to maximize what’s great about a real visit to the casino while getting the most out of what an online format can offer.


We don’t do cherry-picking. We comb through hundreds of websites, making sure at least three members of our team get a chance to make an evaluation. With our level of experience, we know a website has a chance of making our lists if it hits that sweet spot of keeping us focused on what we’re playing instead of how we’re playing. Just as we discuss the ins and outs of gambling itself, we’ve taken to breaking down and theorizing about the websites itself and what would provide an optimal user experience. The sites that end up here are all choices that do a good job of meeting these standards, as well as, of course, being safe and responsible with the money you put in and win.


It’s our hope that our experimentation and research will have a big payoff for everyone who gives our website a look. We strive to keep our recommendations clear and intuitive, just the way we like it. Just click one of our recommendations, sign up, and enjoy. The way we see it, the more people there out there that are making smart e-gaming choices, the more worthy services will grow and improve, bettering the e-gaming market for all of us. It doesn't matter if you’re a beginner or someone who has been around for as long as we have; our picks will do right by you.