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By bingo8, Mar 1 2015 04:00PM

Unibet is similar to other casinos, because it has sports betting, casino games, Poker and more, but it does have some uniqueness that's all its own. Those who love to bet on sports, will find much enjoyment at the Unibet casino. Many other sports betting sites don't have bonuses that can be applied toward sports bets, or if they have bonuses, they are very small. At Unibet, there is a 50% risk free bet bonus, which can be huge, if you bet enough money. If half of your bet is risk free, that means you only have to worry about losing half of your money at the most.

The 50% risk free bet is unique to Unibet, and something you will not see on other online gaming sites. If you choose to bet a high amount of money on sports, then you are only risking 50%, if you can take advantage of the bonus. You must first register with the website, in order to take advantage of the bonus. The website has live statistics that you can keep up with, in order to be informed, before you place your bets. You can bet on several different games, such as Greyhound Racing, Basketball, Cycling, Rugby, Darts, Boxing, Chess, Netball, Ice Hockey, and so much more.

You can easily go through the website, and find games that you know, in order to bet on them. Take advantage of the statistics that are placed on the website, in order to help with your betting decisions. You can also watch live sports, including NBA basketball, which is very popular on the Unibet website. Unibet is so good with their sports betting, that they've won an award for their sports betting operation. If you want to begin betting on sports, Unibet is a great casino to play in.

Live betting is available, meaning you can watch the game, and bet on it as it plays out. This feature is a great asset to anyone betting on sports games, as it allows them higher possible chances of winning. You can also join in the action, by watching the game live from your PC, through Unibet. Never miss an NBA game again, just watch it through your PC, and you can bet on it at the same time. The sports betting section of Unibet is really filled with options for its many gamers.

Before you're able to play in any section of Unibet, you must first sign up for an account. Signing up for an account allows you to deposit your money, make your bets, and withdraw your money when you win. As with any other casino, there are limits to deposits, and withdrawal amounts, on a monthly basis. Many people choose to use their bank, in order to deposit or withdraw money from their Unibet account. There are many options available for money transactions through Unibet. You can read all the options available, and decide which options are better for you.

If you're looking to get a bonus, which Unibet has many of, you need to read about the bonus, prior to making your deposit. Some bonuses require a minimum deposit amount, and if you want to take advantage of it, you must meet the minimum deposit requirement. Casino games have a €100 welcome bonus, the Poker section has a €500 welcome bonus, while the bingo section has €25 welcome bonus. There are stipulations involved in each section, and you must follow the instructions, prior to receiving any of the bonuses. Either way, getting a free bonus for additional play, makes a website such as Unibet, more desirable to play in.

When you're ready to play games, head on over to the Poker section. The bonus of €500 is available for those who are new to the Poker section. The Poker section on Unibet, is somewhat unique, because it has certain features that will not be found on other websites that offer Poker. In fact, Unibet has won an award for the superior Poker section on their website. You can create your very own Poker identity, meaning you can choose who you want to be, instead of just using your regular name and profile. 

If you win at Poker, you can easily list your achievements on the website, so you can brag about your Poker skills. There are other sections within Poker, such as "Challenges," and "Quick Seat Lobby," which allow you to maximize your Poker experience on the website. The graphics that are utilized in the Poker section of the website, are fun, and make playing Poker lighthearted, instead of being so serious. When you choose to play Poker, you can choose to download the software you need to play, or you can play directly from the browser.

If you'd like, you can choose from other games, such as casino games, slot games, and Bingo. Slot games are incredibly popular, and you can find many to choose from, depending on what you may like to win. There are always progressive and nonprogressive jackpots available for play. You'll always win more through a progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpots will grow bigger, depending on your winning combination, or the jackpot that has built up over time. You can choose the reel amounts, as well as line amounts to play in your game. The more lines you play, the higher possibility of a win.

For those who are interested in casino games, you can play computerized games, or you can play live casino games. The live casino games will have actual dealers, who are handling the games, similar to being in a casino in person. Many like the live casino games, and choose them over the computerized game. When you're ready to play casino games, you can choose Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and more. Unibet is an incredible online gaming website, which offers so many games to play, as well as sports to bet on. Anyone new to online gaming, should take a visit to Unibet, and see all they have to offer.

By bingo8, Feb 26 2015 05:00PM

Paddy Power is an online casino worth reviewing due to the high popularity of this casino. Many must be wondering why it is that this particular casino has emerged as a giant in the industry and created a real name for itself. This is what this review will help people to understand a little better. 

Lets first take a look at the Paddy Power casino software. Taking a look at this software may help a player decide if this is the kind of casino that they would like to be putting their money down in. They could decide that this is just the right place for them to play. On the other hand, there are at least some players who are bound to want to play somewhere else. The software should first be examined. 

Most online casino players already know that the options available to them as far as casino play go is either to have instant play on the games via the website, or to download the various games that they want to play. Those are the only two choices that players have. Paddy Power offers both of those opportunities to players. They need only to choose which one of the two they would prefer to use. Different players have different preferences on that, but luckily they are offered both choices through Paddy Power. 

The software that Paddy Power offers has been tested and there are no ads or viruses attached to it. They wouldn't do that to their players. It is unfortunate that not all casinos play by the same rules. Paddy Power software is good to go though for players who are looking to get their game on without all of the extra junk that can sometimes come with those online casinos. This is what most players are looking for, so it is nice that Paddy Power has taken the step to do that. Paddy Power is making enough money from the casino play to not have to worry about putting ads in it as well. 

There are a large variety of games offered through Paddy Power. The casino has been expanded, and the players are flocking to it because it usually features their favorite games. It almost does not matter what one's favorite game is, Paddy Power is very likely to have it available. They have simply worked very hard to make sure that everyone is able to play the kind of games that they love to play. Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, and plenty of slot machines are just a few of the offers at Paddy Power. Though this particular gambling outlet may be more well known for their sports wagering operation, they are not short on the casino end of things by any stretch of the imagination. They work very hard to make sure that everyone gets to play the games that they want to play. 

It is rather easy to find promotions at Paddy Power, particularly if you are a new player. Those who like to play the casino games are also often granted a lot of extra bonuses for their play. Paddy Power knows that the casino is a huge profit center for them, so they are happy to give out bonuses to loyal players who are pumping money into the operation. If you are the kind of person who likes to play in the casino, you should take advantage of the numerous bonuses that are offered from time to time. It is literally like finding free money to go and play the games. 

There are plenty of players who need to realize that Paddy Power will match the first deposit that they make up to 500 euros into the casino. They are happy to help these players get a bit of a stronger start on their bankroll to get started. Naturally, there are requirements for rollover in order to unlock this bonus money for withdrawal. However, it is very possible to get to that money if you happen to hit a lucky streak while playing some of the games. A lot of people are able to get some of that beginners luck and unlock their bonus. Of course, it is best to go for the maximum bonus if you are planning on doing this, so make sure you have the funds required when you are ready to make that first deposit. 

Paddy Power has a great support team. They are well known among those who like to play in their sportsbook as well as in the poker room. That being said, do not assume even for a moment that they are not there to help with the casino as well. As a matter of fact, they have started to gain a reputation for being great with their customers no matter what they play. Hopefully the support team does not have to be contacted too frequently for any problems, but if this does occur it is good to know that at least they are available to answer any questions and fix any problems that might have come up. Although again this is an infrequent occurrence. Most of the time things run very smoothly at this casino. 

Paddy Power may never gain the fame for its casino that it has gained for its sportsbook and poker rooms. However, there is something to be said for the casino that they have built up. Granted, the website may not have been designed with the casino in mind, but that makes the success that the casino has seen that much more impressive. People from all around are flocking to the casino to get their fill of the game play. They are finding that it is an easier way for them to play the games that they know and love. Most of all, it keeps them from having to get out to a traditional casino. 

For those who want to play casino games without the headaches that come with some of the things that other casinos bring, it is a good idea to check out Paddy Power. They are doing things right.

By bingo8, Feb 26 2015 07:00AM

If you're a fan of online casinos, then maybe you're looking for a casino to visit. Online casinos are a great way to gamble right from the comfort of your own home, or even through a mobile device. Ladbrokes is an excellent casino that allows all types of betting. Sports betting is one of the premier types of betting on the website, and many who choose to do sports betting, will visit the Ladbrokes online casino. Even if you're not a sports bettor, you can choose from several different games to bet on. There are slot games, casino games, Poker games, and Bingo games available.

Every section of the website is individual, and you must sign up for each section, in order to play the games. For those who are into sports betting, you can sign up for the sports betting section, and look forward to their promotion as well. The promotion offers up to €25 of free betting on your initial deposit, while using the promotion code that's available. The €25 can only be used towards your sports betting, but it's still great to get free money. The sports betting section is very detailed, and can allow any person placing a sports bet, to make an informed decision on their bet.

There are many stats available for some of the games that you can be bet on at Ladbrokes. You can easily read the stats, in order to help you make a better playing decision. For those who are interested, you can easily watch live games through your PC, in case you cannot get the games on your regular TV. Being able to watch the live games right from your PC, makes it easier for you to use the In-Play feature. The In-Play feature is where a player can watch the game live, and bet on the game as it plays out on the screen.

The In-Play feature is a great way to allow someone to study the game as it plays, then make their bet accordingly. There are many different games to bet on in the sports betting section, so it's completely up to the bettor, which games they want to choose. Easily choose from games such as horse racing, Cricket, Football, Boxing, basketball and more. There are many games to choose from, so if you're not familiar with one, you can easily choose another to bet on. You can choose your bet amount, and make your initial deposit.

This casino makes it easy to create an account, just by giving some personal information. Depending on the country you're in, you may expect to have to give additional information, especially if you're using a credit card. Those using a credit card must always expect to give additional information, in order to allow their credit card to be used on the website. There are deposit limits when a user chooses to make a deposit. When making withdrawals from your account, there are also limits as well, so read the rules and regulations on banking.

There are several sections that you can join at Ladbrokes. Some choose to play casino games instead of doing sports betting, but you can bet on as many games as you'd like. Those who want to do casino betting, can choose from many different games. Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack and more, are available in the casino games section. If you choose to, you can also find live games to play as well, which mimic real-life casino games. Those who choose to gamble in the casino section, can receive a 200% bonus on their initial deposit. There is a minimum deposit amount, in order to claim the promotion bonus.

Another fun game that many choose the play is Poker. The bonus that's available in the Poker section is amazing, and you can get up to €1200 bonus, depending on your deposit amount. The bonus can only be used in the Poker section for play. You can choose to play as a beginner, or you can go in for the tournaments, and bet bigger amounts. The Poker section is great for those looking to show their playing skills in the game, as well as to win some money. Although poker is a great game, there are other games available as well.

Slot games are extremely popular in online casinos, and there are many slots to choose from. There are many different themed slot games coming out all the time, and Ladbrokes features several different slot games. Those joining the games section, can enjoy a €30 bonus, upon making their initial deposit. The gamer must adhere to the minimum deposit amount, in order to claim the bonus that's available. You can easily find many games to keep you entertained for hours in the slots games section.

The Bingo section also has a bonus as well, which will give you €30 of free play, if you spend €10 in the section. Like all other sections, you must sign up for Bingo individually, in order to be able to play. Bingo can be great fun, but it's even more fun when you get free money to play with, and you do it in the comfort of your own home. Ladbrokes also has lotteries that can be played online, allowing everyone a full range of games to bet on in the online casino. There are several other promotions available as well, especially if you're new to the website.

In order to claim any promotion, please read the rules and requirements, and make your first initial deposit. For those who like to gamble on the go, there is a mobile section that can help you to do gaming through your mobile device. Cell phones and tablets are easy to use with the Ladbrokes website, in order to achieve your gambling needs. Ladbrokes has so many different games that it features, as well as bonuses, it makes for an excellent casino for online gaming. When you're ready to play, simply make your deposit, find your game, and begin playing.

By bingo8, Feb 25 2015 10:00AM

Betfair is a casino that is online-based, and it can be accessed by people from different countries. Those in the New Jersey area of the United States, will be very excited, because the website also allows for New Jersey residents to bet online. Most places in the United States do not have online betting, but Betfair allows bettors from the New Jersey area to join in the gaming fun. The residence must be in the New Jersey area, in order to participate in gambling. Betfair has many different types of games available for play, including sports, live games, casino games, slot games and more.

When you come to Betfair, you can pick the games you feel most comfortable with, and begin playing. There are many bonuses available on Betfair, and some don't even require a deposit, in order to retrieve the bonus. Before choosing any bonus, it's best to read the rules and regulations, then choose the amount you'd like to deposit. One must first open an account, prior to playing on any online casino. An account means that you will personally have a place to deposit your money, as well as withdraw money. The account must be for the person whose credit card is being used.

Typically, credit cards are used for accounts to be opened, or used to deposit money into the accounts. There are limits to how much one can deposit into their account, as well as limits on withdrawal amounts. When you're ready to play, you'll make your deposit, retrieve your bonus, if you're entitled to one, and then you can choose the game you'd like to play. Sports betting is a big online, and the biggest places to bet on sports, are in online casinos. There are several sports games available at Betfair to wager on.

There are sports games to bet on such as Cricket, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Cycling, Darts, Golf, Greyhound Racing, Handball, and so much more. Betfair is an online gamers dream, because it allows gamers to bet on many different sports that they may not be able to find in other casinos. Not only are you allowed to bet on many different sports, there is also an In-Play feature, which can help you to minimize the losses in your bets. Watching a game, and betting on the game while it plays, allows you to somewhat determine, who the winner might be. 

It used to be standard to bet on games, prior to them starting, but the In-Play feature allows for easier betting on any teams you choose. Statistics are on the Betfair website, so you can easily gain knowledge about the sports you are choosing to bet on. You can easily use the website to find news, as well as tips about the games you're choosing to play. When you have the information you need to make a bet, then you're more likely to place a larger wager.

When it comes to bonuses, Betfair has many bonuses to speak of. One of their most popular bonuses, are for those who are new to the website. You can get up to a €200 bonus match, depending on your deposit amount. For those who join Betfair New Jersey; just for signing up, you get $10 free play, with no deposit required. The bonuses that are offered, will help to allow the player free money to play with, depending on which games they choose to play. With the many games available on the Betfair website, you can play for hours, and use your free bonus to play as well.

Other bonuses are available as well, such as €10 and €15, for casino game play. Although these bonuses may be small, they are dependent on the player, if they qualify for it. Any free money that is given as a bonus, can help the player to win extra money, in order to continue playing in the casino. Betfair has recently introduced "Live Casino" to its website, allowing bettors who like live casino action, to enjoy playing. Live casino is similar to a casino you would walk into, and have a dealer in front of you. 

When you play in the live casino section, you get casino games that have actual dealers, who will handle your bets. Many like live casino games, but some may prefer to have casino games, without the live dealer. No matter which one you choose, Betfair can accommodate you. There are casino games that you can play, and they don't have live dealers. New Jersey players will enjoy the casino games, as the matching bonus is incredible. There are many games to choose from such as Blackjack, Roulette, Three Card, Poker, Jacks and more.

Once you choose a game you'd like to play, you can get a match bonus, up to $1000. The match bonus will help you to continue playing much longer, and you'll have many games to choose from. Slots are also available on Betfair, allowing for you to maximize your gaming experience. You can pick from the latest slot games, which can be three or five-reel games, whichever peaks your interest. Many of the games have progressive jackpots, which can allow you to win a much bigger amount. New slots come in every week, and they are featured when they hit the website.

No matter which games you choose to play, you'll first need to open an account, make a deposit, then you can begin playing. No matter where in the world you are, an account is required, in order to get the most out of the Betfair website. You can easily make a deposit to your account, using several different methods. Many choose to do wire transfers, in order to get money in and out of their online betting account on Betfair. Although other forms of deposits and withdrawals are available, it's completely up to the person with the account, on how they will deposit and withdraw money. All in all, Betfair is an extremely diverse website, offering many different gaming options to its players.

By bingo8, Feb 24 2015 12:00PM

Sky Vegas Casino was established in 2003 and continues to expand despite it's humble beginnings. This online casino is UK based and was started by British Sky Broadcasting Group. Despite it's massive competition, Sky Vegas has a huge presence in the world of online casinos. Although it started with only three online games, Sky has grown to over 200 casino games including sports betting, poker, Bingo and Virtual racing. It may be true that Sky Vegas is a champion in it's industry, but it has yet to expand it's services to countries other than Ireland, UK and Finland. 

Many continue to say that Sky Vegas has yet to become certified with eCogra, which could question it's legitimacy. They are licensed by the Alderney Control Commission, and there are many other indications that proves the overall legitimacy of the business itself. Sky Vegas aims to make sure that they offer their customers fair running games and that all of the money that is deposited is safe.

When it comes to the type of software Sky Vegas uses, customers can expect software developed through Orbis Tech that is regularly updated. Many reports claim that payout rates is around 97%, which is extraordinary when compared to other online casinos. It has always been said that Sky Vegas works in partnership with the Responsible Gambling Program. This program works with customers to help them better manage their money so that they do not form gambling habits when playing at Sky Vegas. 

One of the things that makes Sky Vegas such an exceptional casino is that it allows you to play from the comfort of your own home. Nothing has to be downloaded, and all games can be played on your mobile device. Players can play for real money or they can choose to play free versions of the games. 

When choosing an online casino, most players have their personal likes and expectations. Sky Vegas has continued to master the art of satisfying most casino players by developing a host of games that can be played and liked by anyone. This casino is full service, which means that they tap into many different areas of gambling. There are so many different variety of table games and slot machines, and there isn't much a player can not find when it comes to gaming entertainment. Players can engage in mega jackpots, land based slots and table games as well. 

One of the things that makes Sky Vegas different from other casinos is that they not only offer games such as blackjack and roulette, they offer these games in different versions. There is multi-ball roulette which allows the player to win with multiple winning numbers, and there is double action roulette which allows player to win through 2 winning numbers per spin.

Sky Vegas is much different from other online casinos that either cater to a specific demographic of players. Sky Vegas caters to both low stake and high stake players, meaning that players are most likely to find a betting level that they are comfortable with. When it comes to playing Blackjack, high stake players can bet up to $5,000 on each three hands, and low stake players can bet $0.02. The ability to offer such flexibility is something that many casinos have yet to master. If you are a card lover, then it might tickle your fancy that Sky Vegas offers players a chance to win at Baccarat,Casino Hold em', roulette and Blackjack. Every card game offers a live dealer, and players can interact with each other as if they were sitting live at a table, giving it a much more surreal environment. 

There is a welcome bonus for new players which is something many casinos offer. This generous bonus amounts to 200% of a players first deposit that can total up to $1000. Unfortunately there is a minimum deposit amount of 25X the bonus amount, which can some what turn a player off to making a deposit. However, there are a few games at Sky View that help players meet the play requirements. All of the slot games offered at Sky Vegas contribute 100%, table games contribute 10%, and instant win games contribute 50%. It's important that players have an understanding that none of the bonus money given can be withdrawn.

Most casinos give players one bonus which is the welcome bonus. Sky Vegas offers players more than one bonus. The second bonus is the $10 free bonus. Which is considered a sign up bonus and it has a 25x play requirement that has to be met before withdrawing your winnings. 

Casinos are built on loyalty. The more their players decide to come back and play, the more they are willing to give their players points. Sky Vegas gives their players points based on how much they play. Players can accumulate these points and turn these points into comp dollars. The basis of the comp points is that when a player earns 200 points, they will receive a $1 in their account. Unfortunately there are play requirements that must be met with these comp dollars before players can actually withdraw the money. 

When it comes to deposits and Withdrawals, players can expect a faster process since they are opening their account in instant play,rather than a downloadable version. Players will experience easy and quick banking setup, with various preferred payment methods. Players can deposit money easily, and they can withdraw money even easier. 

With thousands of different online casinos being shoved around, it can be difficult to choose the right one. And although many of them offer tons of different features that are more appealing than others, players should really consider Sky Vegas for one reason and one reason only. This online casino is not just your average casino. It's a single wallet system, which means that players do not have to worry about spreading their deposits, all money is readily accessible and located in one account. This is feature alone is a feature that shouldn't be ignored when it comes to choosing a reliable, fun and legitimate online casino.

By bingo8, Feb 24 2015 03:00AM

Counting cards in Blackjack has almost become as popular as the game itself. Players are enamored by the idea of doing this because they believe it could be their easy way to some riches. This may or may not work out for them the way that they want it to, but the likelihood of it working out for them if they are trying to do so online is zero. 

It is an unfortunate reality that you are not going to be able to count cards when you are playing the game online. Why is that? Simply put, because the online casinos do not want people taking their money from them by learning how to count cards. It really is as simple as that. They are not interested in having players who are going to come in and play with an advantage. The online casinos are able to do something about it. They just have the decks automatically shuffled after each hand if they want to. They can have their computers do the shuffle for them, and they do not have to worry about people gaining an edge by counting cards. 

Traditional casinos have long been plagued by those who are card counters. It has been a bit of a mixed bag for the casinos. Those who are truly able to count cards are a big danger to their bottom line. However, those who simply believe that they can count cards may be very helpful to them. They want to encourage players who have no idea what they are doing while discouraging those who actually do. However, the online casinos could be said to be even more eager to bring in people who believe that they can count cards. They know that it is literally not possible with them. 

There are some ways around not being able to count with an online casino. If you are wise enough to play live blackjack with an online casino, then this poses the possibility of counting cards. Still, it would be quite difficult, but it would at least be possible. For those who do not know, a live blackjack dealer is literally someone at a casino dealing the cards. The event is filmed and sent through the computers to the players. They are given their cards and are supposed to act accordingly. The bets are won and lost just like in the regular version of the game. The only difference is that there is literally a live dealer who is dealing out the cards for players.

Players who are attempting to count cards while playing online with an online dealer are going to have to have maximum concentration. They will need to be able to pay attention to the cards and not be distracted by the various things going on during the game that they are playing. It is not easy to do to say the least. It is the reason why so many believe that they can actually pull this off when in reality they are not able to do so. 

Plenty of online casinos offer the Blackjack game as it remains one of the most popular card games on the entire planet. However, they do not necessarily offer the live dealer version of the game. As a matter of fact, this is a specialty game that can be somewhat difficult to find. Players who are even going to attempt to count cards online will want to look out for the casinos that do offer this kind of thing. This is the only way that they can seriously get their chance at counting cards while they are playing online. 

There are some who might like you to believe that it is possible to count cards when playing the game online. They are probably trying to convince you of this based on their own particular play and their short term winning streaks. They have probably convinced themselves of the fact that they are able to count cards and that they are beating the online casinos at their own game. The reality of the situation is sadly not true. They are not really able to count cards or beat the casinos at all. Rather, they are simply convincing themselves otherwise. 

The other possibility is that the people online who say that they can beat the casinos at their own game are simply trying to convince you that this is really the case. They might even be employed by the online casinos to try to convince other people that they are able to beat Blackjack when playing online. It is always something to be on the lookout for, and it is possible that this is something that you could become a victim of. Do not trust the idea that counting cards online is going to be profitable in the long run. 

Anyone who wants to count cards in order to try to beat Blackjack is best suited to play in a traditional casino. At least at this type of casino the cards are going to be dealt fairly and there are going to be opportunities to potentially count some of the cards in the game. They can practice their skills on the game the way that it was originally played. There are fewer chances to get distracted, and there is no chance that the cards will be shuffled after each hand. Players will just have better opportunities with this kind of game. 

Card counting is something that should only be attempted by those who are truly able to do it. It is not something that is easy to pull off. Those who are interested in learning how to do it should know that they are in for the long haul. There is no guarantee that they are going to learn how to do it properly, but at least they can give it a try and see if they are well suited for the game and how it ends up working. Just give it a try for yourself now.

By bingo8, Feb 23 2015 07:40PM

Blackjack has been around long enough to have collected its fair share of celebrities. There are many ways to become well known in the Blackjack community. Sometimes it’s being a big winner, being an authority on a particular style of play, being an interesting “character”, or even being an advocate for player’s rights can bring a person celebrity status. If you have an interest in Blackjack you will surely enjoy this overview of many of the men that have made the game of Blackjack interesting over the years.

The Big Winner

Over a 5 month span from late 2010 through early 2011 Don Johnson won a reported $15 million from three casinos. Johnson’s winnings from betting up to $100,000 on single hands of Blackjack were from the Atlantic City casinos, Tropicana, Borgata and Caesar’s. Johnson claims to have won the money playing fairly but admits to taking advantage of certain favorable conditions. 

The Pioneers

A group of Army buddies stationed at Maryland’s Aberdeen Proving Ground made a huge contribution to the game of Blackjack back in the 1950’s. James McDermott, Roger Baldwin, Herbert Maisel and Wilbert Cantey developed a basic strategy for playing the game that proved to be the basis for players and writers to later develop more advanced strategies for beating the house. Their strategy gave players the best option to play in every possible situation.

Edward Thorp is a math genius born in the 1930’s. He is a PhD holder, a MIT professor and one of the first people to use a computer to win at Blackjack. Thorp used FORTRAN, one of the earliest programming languages to code mathematical probabilities. To prove his theories he took to the casinos to count cards. After finding success with his strategies he authored the ground-breaking book Beat the Dealer. 

The Researcher

Sometimes influencers aren’t even known as being prolific players. Take Peter Griffin, he authored The Theory of Blackjack which is considered one of the classics while rarely playing the game himself. Griffin focused on researching strategies and advantages to write his book on theory while focusing on card counting to complete his popular guide The Complete Card Counter’s Guide to the Casino Game of 21.

The Writer

Stanford Wong is known as one of the most prolific writers on the subject of Blackjack. He has penned over a dozen books on Blackjack and other gambling topics he focuses mainly on card counting methods but is most famous for “wonging”. This refers to staying out of the game until the count turns in the players favor then joining the game to take advantage of it. Many people don’t know that Wong is really gambler John Ferguson; Wong is only a pen name.

The Legal Eagle

Some guys just want things to be fair. That was the case with author and Blackjack player James Grosjean. Grosjean won several victories over the years that have made him a bit of a celebrity in the gambling world. He won a judgment against the Imperial Palace casino for illegally detaining him. And he claimed victories against casino Caesars Palace and a company they employed to collect information on winning gamblers. Surely these wins made him an unpopular fellow in the casinos as did his popular book, Beyond Counting: Exploiting Casino Games from Blackjack to Video Poker. 

The Team Players

A pioneer in team play, Ken Uston is well known in the industry as a big winner who was banned from casinos for card counting in the late 1970’s. He subsequently won a lawsuit against the Atlantic City casinos that banned him. He went on to achieve notoriety in another field, arcade games, with his bestselling book Mastering Pac Man.

Best known for his leadership of the longest running Blackjack team in the history of the game, Tommy Hyland is a player that has been around since the 70’s. His team utilized techniques like ace sequencing and shuffle tracking to claim big wins against the casinos. They claimed an even larger win when the Casino Windsor took them to court for cheating and the judge determined they had simply been strategic which is not illegal.

One of the best known teams in the history of Blackjack is the MIT Team, which consisted of past and present students of not only MIT but other illustrious institutions such as Harvard. The team garnered wins through counting and other strategic advantages for a run that lasted over 20 years. Their escapades were later made into a major motion picture, 21, that starred Kevin Spacey.

The Counter

A former pit boss turned card counting Blackjack strategist Lawrence Revere created the Revere Point Count method that is still revered today as the method by which all others are measured. His strategies were created through his knowledge of the industry, including his ability to avoid detection by the casinos and were brought to the public through his groundbreaking book Playing Blackjack as a Business.

The Personalities

Modern Blackjack players are more interested in televised appearances that their predecessors. “Hollywood” Dave Stann worked as an actor before appearing on many popular televised gambling shows such as Celebrity Blackjack, the World Series of Blackjack and the Ultimate blackjack Tour. His is known as “The Undisputed Bad Boy of Blackjack” and is best known for his raucous and flamboyant personality.

Speaking of flamboyance perhaps the most unique character in the long and storied history of Blackjack is a man named Brian Zembic. Zembic is known in the industry as a high-stakes Blackjack player, Backgammon enthusiast and magician who was notorious for doing anything to win a bet. In the late 90’s he took on a bet that cemented his name in the history of gambling when a friend bet him $100,000 to get breast implants and keep them for a year. Going beyond what many would say is sane Zembic, also known as Wiz, has kept the implants for over 17 years, and kept winning. His friend gives him $10,000 for every subsequent year the implants remain intact.

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The Cooler (2003) is set in Las Vegas, with a story that focuses on one of the last old-school casinos that rely on things like luck, rather than the modern casinos where everything is planned and reliance on technology is used to monitor the gaming inside. The Golden Shangri- La instead relies on it's cooler, a person with notoriously bad luck, to cool down the table where someone has gone on a winning streak.

The part of the Cooler, Bernie, is played, predictably, by William H. Macy. Bernie is a stereotypical loser, who brings bad luck wherever he goes. When Bernie is introduced, he walks across the casino floor, and the people immediately start losing. Everything from roulette wheels, crap tables, slot machines, even blackjack tables stop paying out, everything around Bernie seems to go terrible whenever he appears. The woman getting his coffee even runs out of creamer as she is pouring it into his cup.

As Bernie's luck is being shown to be terrible, an impossibly pretty waitress, Natalie (Maria Bello) is introduced. Bernie attempts to talk to her, but per his luck, she appears not to notice him. Bernie is called over to kill a hot streak on a table, where he asks that Natalie bring him a drink. After killing the hot streak on the table, he goes and loses some more money at a blackjack table, killing everyone's luck in the process.

Of course Bernie would live in a rundown motel. Although it is revealed that his character has been working as a cooler for the casino for six years due to an outrageous debt that he racked up while gambling, Bernie still lives in a dour motel room. He limps because the casino boss, Shelly, had his kneecaps broken when he couldn't pay up and employed him as a cooler to pay off the debt.

Alec Baldwin plays Shelly, the stereotypical old school casino boss that would have been played by Robert DeNiro or Andy Garcia if the movie had a larger budget. Because this role has been played before, and more believable, by better actors, Baldwin never seems comfortable in the role. While William H. Macy was born to play the loser in a movie, the rest of the cast seems to be picked because they were either available or would work for the price that the studio was willing to pay. Even Maria Bello, who shines as the waitress Natalie, is given little to work with. While her character suddenly becomes lady luck to Bernie, her sudden loyalty to Bernie seems out of the blue. While a good man may be hard to find in Las Vegas, surely Natalie would not decide to planet her flag on the casino's cooler.

Baldwin's Shelly antithesis is the younger, modern Larry (Ron Livingston). Larry wants to update the Shangri-La casino to bring it in step with the new age of Vegas. Shelly is naturally unimpressed by the new guy, pining for the days of old when Las Vegas was run by the mob as a grown-up playground for vice. Larry represents the new, corporate face of Vegas. While Larry may not share the vision that Shelly does of Vegas, he understands the reality- that the Las Vegas that Shelly represents is dead, and relying on such concepts as luck, hot streaks, and coolers' seems almost quaint in the new world of gambling.

It would seem that Shelly takes interest in his cooler's well being. At one point, Shelly tells Bernie about a doctor that can fix his kneecaps. The irony, of course, being that Shelly was the one who broke Bernie's kneecaps because of the debts that he accumulated at the Shangri-La. And why did the pretty waitress befriend the cooler in the first place? Because Shelly paid her to get close to Bernie- to bring up his mood, or make him happy. The first night that Bernie spends with Natalie, he asks her how much he needs to pay her for her to stay, something that seems to insult Natalie. Of course, Bernie was not far off- his lady luck was bought and paid for already. Even this Vegas story has been reduced to the predictably, laughable hooker with a heart of gold stereotype.

Bernie's crooked son and his scheming girlfriend get Bernie into more trouble at the casino. He agrees to cover their debt to save their lives, but they are still beaten by Shelly for cheating at his casino.

When Bernie's luck turns around because of his lady luck Natalie, the casino panics. Natalie is forced to break up with Bernie, and his bad luck returns. She returns to him, because of course she does, because she loves him. And his good luck returns- everyone is winning around him. Natalie's love only gets her beaten to a bloody pulp by Shelly. Naturally, Bernie promises her that everything will be okay.

A fairy tale ending is what you would expect from this movie, and that is exactly what you get. After confronting Shelly and the casino's partners, Bernie wins big at the tables, promising to leave with his winnings. Larry descends into the casino to break up Bernie's winning streak, but in an act of redemption, Shelly prevents Larry from stopping Bernie by breaking his wrist. Bernie leaves the casino alive, and he and Natalie drive off. Shelly leaves the casino, only to find his partner, Nicky (Arthur J. Nascarella) waiting for him. Nicky shoots Shelly after Shelly protests that he was protecting his investment, his cooler.

Bernie pulls over and shows Natalie his winnings- he did not leave empty handed. Just then a policeman appears at the window. Bernie and Natalie are told to get out of the car and get on their knees. The cop goes to shoot them, but is run over by a drunk driver; because of course a drunk driver would appear out of nowhere to save the two of them, Natalie is Bernie's luck charm!

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Owning Mahowny has firmly established itself as a cult movie for those who love to watch movies about gambling. This particular movie dives into the topic of someone who has a serious gambling addiction. It is difficult for some to watch, but on the other hand it is a tale that needs to be told as often as possible. It is something that real people are having to go through, and honestly the subject is just not brought up often enough. There are a lot of people who could benefit greatly from hearing more about this particular topic and how it could have an impact on them. 

The story starts innocently enough. A well respected Canadian banker is going about his life, recently married and trying to establish the perfect home/work balance. The only problem is that he likes to put some money down on sporting events in particular. He is actually caught up with some local sports bookies who have been taking his bets. He has been losing on his bets, and the debts that they have been collecting on him are starting to pile up. In fact, it is getting so bad that the bookies have been visiting Mahowny at work. He of course is highly displeased by this. 

Knowing that he is tens of thousands of dollars in debt to these men, Mahowny feels like there is little else that he can do besides start stealing money from the bank that he works for. Considering his position high up in the bank, Mahowny is able to set up fake accounts and create lines of credit for people who do not exist. Considering his record with the company as someone who could be trusted, no one expects anything when Mahowny has these clients borrowing large sums of money. 

At first, Mahowny tries to keep the amounts borrowed within reason. He just wants to pay off the people that he has gone into debt with. However, it doesn't take long before Mahowny is borrowing more money from the fake accounts just to fund his habit and keep gambling. 

This story is set in both Canada as well as Las Vegas. There are brief mentions of casinos in Atlantic City as well. It is important to a lot of gamblers to hear about these places in the movies that they like to watch. These are the Meccas of gambling in the United States, and they are places where dreams are made and broken. For Mahowny they are places that attract him like a moth to a flame. The problem for Mahowny is that just like that moth to the flame, by going to these places he is only doing himself harm. 

It is hard to watch at times as you see a man who is truly desperate in his actions, but who feels that for whatever reason he is unable to stop himself. There are a lot of moments in the movie that will make you feel as though you are unable to keep watching. You just feel so much pain for the man, but you know that at the same time you have to keep watching just to see what is going to happen. 

The great thing about the Owning Mahowny is that the story is based on a true story. There was really a person by the Mahowny name, and he really got involved with the things that are depicted in the movie. It seems almost like the story is too extreme to be believed, but that is not the case at all. There are plenty of things included in the story that are absolutely accurate. There are probably some pieces of the story that have been elaborated to some extent for the sake of the movie, but most of it stays very true to the real events that happened. 

A lot of this movie is about a personal human tragedy. It is not really about the science of addiction or academic. It is really more about telling a story and trying to help people learn more about their problems as a result of that story. It is something that is supposed to be captivating, but it is also something that makes us all reflect and think about our own lives. 

It would not be surprising to learn that those with gambling addictions themselves might be interested in watching this movie. They could probably see a lot of themselves reflected in the actions taken by Mahowny. The only problem with this idea is the fact that there are of course a lot of gambling themes contained in the movie. Those with addictions to gambling may find that they are unable to handle watching this movie without the urge to go and play some casino games for themselves. 

The length of this movie may be something that deters some individuals from wanting to watch the whole thing. It is in fact a lengthy movie. However, it is well worth every second of it. For those who are not interested in viewing longer films, this one may not fit into their mold. 

One does not have to be specifically interested in gambling in order to enjoy this movie. It has plenty enough drama in the movie to keep viewers attached to it no matter how interested or uninterested they may happen to be in the topic of gambling. Those who do like gambling will simply be able to relate a little better to the characters and the story line of the movie. They may understand the terms used a little better. However, it is not overly heavy on terms, and anyone who wants to understand what is happening should be able to do that just fine. 

Keep this movie in your queue and get it viewed as soon as possible. It is a riveting performance by an all star cast. You are bound to put it among some of your favorite films that you have ever seen. Just try to check it out.

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The Following is a drama and a thriller all in one with twists and turns around every corner. On the streets of London is a young man who follows strangers from one place to another. This young man wants to write a novel. He follows people around in hopes he gains inspiration from the strangers for his new book. The young writer has high standards of the strangers he follows and he makes sure he doesn't follow the same people too long of a time.

As he is walking the streets, he spots a man in a suit looking very distinguished. The handsome man in the suit notices the young man is following him. He is quick to confront the young man and strikes up a conversation. He openly tells the author he is a serial burglar. Cobb,the burglar invites the author to go along with him on his next burglary. The young man named Bob, forgets all about his high standards and goes along for the ride.

Cobb has a twisted mind. He explains to Bob it's not about the material things when he is in someone's house. He doesn't care about the material items at all. He just wants the owners of the homes he burglarizes to feel violated and feel a sense of loss. He wants to put just a little of fear in their hearts. He feels these people do not appreciate what they have. Bob is taken in by the philosophy of the robber's attitude and joins in. Cobb shows Bob the ropes and even gets Bob to change his appearance. Cobb nor Bob have a way of knowing that a change is on the way. This time, the change is not going to be good. Will this change be bad for Bob or for Cobb?

Cobb talks Bob into taking on a new identification. Bob meets and becomes infatuated with a pretty blonde that Cobb knows. The two men have just burglarized her house. The pretty girl confides in Bob and tells him her former boyfriend is a gangster. She explains to Bob he killed someone in her house. When she broke it off with the gangster he starts to blackmail the woman. He has pictures of her she doesn't want to go public. Bob comes to her aid and plans to show the pretty lady he will be her hero. He breaks into the gangster's safe but he gets caught in the act. He beats the man with a hammer and grabs the gangster's money and the photos the lady told him about. When he arrives back to the lady's home he finds his heroic intentions mean nothing. Cobb and the pretty lady were in on the scheme to get the pictures and take the gangster's money. Cobb explains to Bob there had been a murder in one of the houses he burglarized. The whole story about the pictures of the lady and gangster blackmailing her was just a farce. Cobb wanted to take the heat from the cops off of himself. He put Bob in a position for the police to question and hopefully accuse. 

The young lady is proud of her part in the scheme. She tells Cobb it was a success and another twist comes into play. Cobb was actually working for the gangster. The lady was the one doing the blackmailing trying to get what she could from the gangster. Although the lady helped Cobb set the young man up, she had no way of knowing she was next on the list to be murdered. 

The young man turns himself in and tells the police how he had met Cobb. He explains to the officers how it all went down and told the police about the murdered body. Back at the house another murder is taking place. The gangster wants the pretty blonde dead. He wants her to be left totally unrecognizable. The gangster has Cobb do the dirty work so he can keep his hands clean. How is Cobb going to kill her? He is going to use the same hammer Bob used of course. 

Bob takes the police to the house where Cobb and the lady are. When Bob and the police arrive and go in, there she was. Murdered with the murdered weapon right beside her. What does Bob get for doing the right thing? Another twist to the story appears. Cobb has vanished into the night. You have a dead body, a police officer and Bob. Let's not forget the murder weapon. The hammer that now has Bob's finger pints on it.

Bob should have stuck to his original game plan instead of being mesmerized by the serial burglar who turned out to be more than just a burglar. Now he really has a story to write about. Bob portrayed himself as an author who followed people for inspiration. He was nothing but a stalker. Bob was testing his own waters as a stalker. 

Following is a thriller with added suspense. Just when you think you have it all figured out, it turns in another direction. Following reminds me of the old 1940's detective style movies. Scenes jump from one to another leading up to the worse twist of all. You will second guess every scene until it is revealed. What happens to Bob? In the beginning he was just an innocent man with dreams of writing a novel. Cobb had a crime of his own that he glorified. The pretty lady was stuck in the middle of lies, deceit and wickedness from everyone she was associated with. Following makes you question your own surroundings and some of the people you think you may know. Real criminals are good at hiding their evil pleasures. You will certainly be the last one to find out. Be sure to watch until the very end. If the movie follows the same road of twists and turns, I am sure the end will be a little twisted itself.

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