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888 Casino Review

By bingo8, Feb 3 2015 09:39AM

888 Casino is a premier casino that has all types of betting available for the gaming pleasure of its patrons. The website allows all types of betting, including sports. 888 Casino also has great bonuses that are exclusive to their website, and you won't see them in any other online casinos. When joining the website, you must first create an account, in order to play the games. Fortunately, you don't have to download the software to your PC, in order to begin playing, you can choose to play instantly.

Before the instant play option can be utilized, you must have an account with the website. Creating an account only takes minutes, and you'll only need additional information if you choose to use certain methods to deposit money into your account. As with any other casino, there are minimum deposit requirement amounts, especially if you're trying to take advantage of some of the bonuses the website has to offer. Read up on the bonus requirements, in order to determine what's the minimum amount you need to deposit to get the bonus. If you qualify for a bonus, reading about it can help you determine how you'll receive it.

Bonuses are available for brand-new players, and there are several different bonuses that they can take advantage of. One such bonus is the €88 bonus, which is available to brand-new players on the website. The best part about the bonus is that no initial deposit is required, you can claim the bonus, just by signing up for an account. Again, read the rules and regulations, prior to seeking any bonus, so you'll know that you're in compliance with the rules. The €88 bonus is only available to those in Sweden, Canada, Germany, UK, and Austria.

The €88 is considered free play, and it expires two weeks after being granted the bonus. If you do not use the free play before it expires, then you lose it. You can use the free play to play on any gains that are available on the website, except for sports betting. Free play can only be utilized on your PC, but if you have a mobile device, the winnings you gain from free play, can be used on your mobile devices. Other bonuses that are available are the 100% welcome bonus, the €888 Poker bonus, as well as the €1500 in the first week bonus.

If you're new to the website, you can utilize the welcome bonus and get 100% of your deposit, up to €140 or $200. The money that is given in this bonus, can be used for any games in the online casino that you choose, excluding sports betting. Another bonus is the €1500 in the first week bonus. If you know you're a high roller, or one who will be playing a lot in your first week, you can take advantage of this bonus. Make your initial deposit, and you will be matched up to €100. You must then make another four deposits, in order to claim the full bonus amount.

Although the first deposit only allows a €100 match, the initial four deposits can match you up to €350 on each deposit. If you're able to deposit €1500 in one week, then you'll be able to claim the entire €1500 bonus. This deal is exclusive to 888 Casino, and it's not something you'll find with other online casinos. Because of the huge amount of bonus money you can receive at 888 Casino, it's a great choice for those who are looking to seriously gamble. If you're planning to play Poker, you can possibly get the €888 bonus.

The Poker bonus is only for new players, and you can receive up to the €888 limit. If you're new to Poker, you can also receive the $10 free bonus, which is given to you, without an initial deposit. Whether you have a bonus or not, you can easily find a game to play on the website. There are over 280 casino games available to play, and you can choose the ones you'd like. There are live games, slot games, Bingo, sports games, and you can even use their mobile casino. There are some sports games for betting, which also allow you to bet on the game live.

If you have a mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet, you can easily play games through 888 Casino, using the money that you've deposited into your account. There are several slot games available to play, if you're a fan of the slots. Slot games are extremely popular online, and they allow for big winnings, especially if they have progressive jackpots. Choose from three-reel or five-reel games, and pick your bet amount. Many of the games have several lines, and some up to 25 lines, depending on the game you choose.

Understand that the more lines you bet on, the higher your bet amount will be. For those who are high rollers, you can easily go for a progressive jackpot, even if the game has many lines in it. There are games with and without progressive jackpots, depending on how much you're looking to win. There is a live casino games section at 888 Casino, allowing you to actually play like you would in a real casino. Choose from Blackjack, Baccarat, Hold Em, or Roulette, where you'll have a real dealer in front of you, similar to a standard casino.

888 Casino has a VIP section that you can join. The VIP section has events, updates, as well as a superstore that you can shop in. The comps offered to players in this casino, help to keep them coming back in the future. You'll receive loyalty rewards, which can add up, and can help to get you free play, or other prizes in the future. The more you play, the more you'll be able to collect and loyalty points, as well as free gaming. Anyone who is an online gamer, will find what they want at 888 Casino.

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