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By bingo8, Feb 3 2015 09:39AM

Casinos are a big market, whether you’re in them or not. If you’re just getting into the idea of playing your favorite casino games online rather than going into a brick and mortar casino, then you’re probably curious as to where to start and what online casino’s are the best to drop your time and money into.

The internet has acquired horrible rep about being unsafe and leading people into the wrong direction – but that’s not completely true. Of course there are things that have happened with online users, but that’s due to people not being safe or smart online. You can’t be unsafe with your private information and expect nothing to happen—it’s like going out in public, dropping your credit card down and letting anyone and everyone have a go for it. If you know how to manage yourself, your money and your online activity in a way that doesn’t make it unhealthy or unsafe, then you should have absolutely no problem about doing the right thing. 

Getting Started

Before jumping into an online casino that pulls you in from flashy lights and advertising your favorite game, don’t be fooled so quickly. It’s safest to do your research and look at different places. Compare how things are run, what the set up is like and what is required for you to join. Are their secret fees they don’t tell you about? Do you feel the need to read all the small print just to feel like you and your money will be safe? 

Read reviews, read comments from current users and really know what you’re getting yourself into before giving out any personal information (i.e. address, credit/debit card information, bank stats, etc.) has been a leader in the online casino business since it got its start in 2007. Only eight short years in the business and they have certainly made a name for themselves and in a positive way, which is why they’re one of the most popular online casinos online. is a part of the Mansion group, which is an online leading gaming company that has over a decade in experience. It’s powered by Playtech and was acquired for almost six million dollars. The investment that the owners have into the business is heavy, which tells a tale in itself about how invested they are into the company. 

If you’re worried about having questions and the site likes to pride themselves on focusing heavily on customer service, and making that one of the main focuses of their business—besides the obvious gaming. They have their staff of professional Customer Support agents that are available 24/7, that are there solely to help you with any issues, questions or concerns that you might have about your gaming experience with the site. You can get a hold of them view email, the multiple customer support numbers (that vary per country), and a live chat. 

They want to build lifelong customers that they can count on, and will continually return. If they didn't focus on this, they wouldn't still be where they are today. Languages & Currency

The website comes in a load of different languages all over the world, making sure that their site can appeal to as many different users as possible. Here’s a list of all the languages available.

• English

• Українська

• العربية

• Türkçe

• ภาษาไทย

• Slovenščina

• Svenska

• Español

• Slovenčina

• Русский язык

• Polski

• Roman

• Português

• lietuvių kalba

• Norsk

• Bahasa Melayu

• Latviešu

• Italiano

• 日本語, 한국어

• Íslenska

• Ελληνικά

• Bahasa Indonesia

• Magyar

• Français

• Deutsch

• Eesti

• Nederlands

• Dansk

• 中文

• Čeština

• Български

The casino also comes in three different currencies; EUR, GBP and USD. 

The safety of their gamers’ money is extremely important to them, which and this is their primary concern. If you look at their website, they say that they use a 128-bit encryption to ensure that all the players that are on the site have their data fully protected and confidential. All the Mansion Group brands are regulated by the law of Gibraltar, which is a regulated e-gaming jurisdiction—which is indeed a global jurisdiction. 

List Of Games Available

Enough of the serious talk! You’re probably curious about what type of games the site has to offer. The site has a load of classic casino games, such as Blackjack, Craps, Live Casino, Slots, Video Poker, Roulette, and Scratch Cards.

They also have card and table games, and casual games like Winners Club, 3 Clowns Scratch, Spin A Win, Heads or Tails, Around The World, and Penalty Shootout if you’re more interested in the lighter side of the gaming. 

Loyalty Points

Every time you play a game with them, you earn loyalty points for choosing their casino over others. If you’re wondering what good this does, you can swap out these points for real, cold hard cash! It’ll be added to your payout total before your text withdrawal. The incentive is the more you play, the more you earn. 

Deposits and Withdrawals

Dealing with the withdrawals on the site seems to be the only negative things that

people have to say about using this casino over the others. You have a monthly withdrawal limit that you can take out, which is $15,000 (or equivalent) per month for regular users. But if you’re a VIP level player, then your limit gets bumped up to $50,000 per month, which is obviously quite different. 

You can deal with your payouts and withdrawals in different ways. They can either be done with credit cards, a bank transfer, or e-wallets, like Moneybookers or Netteller. The e-wallet is suggested due to the fact that you will get your money faster than any other methods. 

Before you can do anything with your money though, you need to prove your identity to the site by sending in some form of identification to let them know that you are who you say you are. As mentioned prior, the amount of security on the site is for your benefit, so people can’t steal your cash, information or even your identity. Make sure that you send in your information prior to wanting to request your first payout, this way you don’t have to wait even longer for them to approve the information. 


If you look past the slow and limited withdrawal, this site is perfect for any online casino player anywhere around the world. It's secure, safe and trustworthy, and has a plethora of different games that could satisfy anyone's boredom, no matter how severe!

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