Review, part of the Mansion Group, is one of the bigger websites for online casino play. They deliver high quality graphics and a wide range of playing options to choose from, either from a computer or from a mobile device. The overall appearance of the website is excellent and the navigation is very user friendly. One of the advantages to this website is that it caters to every level, from rookie to professional. There are a few aspects to this website that a player might consider when deciding to use it:


Games has over 300 games to choose from. They offer all the traditional casino games such as blackjack and those games have variations to choose from. For instance, roulette has 9 different types of games and blackjack has 7 variations. Some games have the option of a live dealer and being able to communicate with other player making the experience more lifelike. Most notable, has numerous online slot games that range from 1 to 50 lines. Another appeal is they have specialty games for those that want to play something new or different, such as games based on Marvel characters like The Hulk. In regards to player level, the website has flexibility, giving players the option to either practice or play. The practice option can be particularly useful to those that are new to playing or those that want to venture out from the typical games they play. The site also gives the opportunity to either download their software or do an instant play with no downloading required. One of the best things about the games, and the website as a whole, is how organized they are. Moving around the website, it is very easy to explore the different game options or locate a particular game. This is a big advantage over some of the other online casino websites where finding a particular game can be time consuming.



There are certainly no lack of promotions on They have a range of different promotions as well as a referral program. The best deals are their generous sign up bonuses, which are typically bigger than other online casinos. Their mobile feature offers “The Daily Top Up,” which gives mobile player an extra 50% top up. According to the website, players can get over £/€/$5,500 extra every month by using the code TOPUP at deposit. In addition, they offer a VIP program where players can further benefit. Several of the bonuses compare to other online casinos, but the sign up bonus and top up program make this a good site for players in terms of benefiting from promotions. There is an easy to find tab for current promotions at the top of the home page, and typically a banner displaying the bigger promotions.



There are several deposit options, including: Visa, Skrill, Neteller, bank transfers, and internet banking among others. Minimums are low, around $15, and maximums can go as high as $50,000 (limit per transaction) depending on the deposit method. Maximums can range greatly depending on the deposit method. For instance, players that use Ukash have a very low maximum of $300, whereas a player using a Visa has a maximum of $25,000. Given this deposit structure, some players will be limited, while others will have great advantages while playing.



Withdraws require player to verify their identity and differ based on the players level and deposit method. VIP players can withdraw higher amounts, up to $50,000 a month. Players in levels lower than VIP (bronze, silver, and gold) can withdraw up to $15,000 a month. Using Neteller gives a quick turnaround time of 1-2 business days, while other withdraw sources like a bank draft can take up to 21 business days. The best turnaround times on this site are through using either Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, Citadel, or Envoy. When deciding to use, it is wise to consider which funding method you use and how quickly you need to receive withdraws.


Security and Personal Information

In terms of security, does well, especially since a download is not required to play. If a player does use the download it is loaded with safety features. Interal access to player’s information is limited to enhance security. The site does gather personal information, however they are better than most at not sharing any of that information. Players can also reject the sharing of certain information. For instance, if a player wins a large amount of money the website publishes the username and country of origin with the winning amount, however players can opt out of having their user name published if they want to.


Overall, does a very good job at providing a secure, entertaining online gaming experience with a large selection of casino games to choose from.



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